According to analytical centers, the number of companies involved in virtual reality is growing every year. Every year not less than 250 new startups pop up in the world.  Total of more than 20 million devices is sold annually. Impressive and very promising figures!

How can alternative reality change our lives in the following years? We offer to observe several specific examples describing how this cutting-edge technology helps in the training of specialists and modelling some situations. For example, when training doctors who rescue victims in a combat zone or curing disabled people.

Transformations in the army

The VR is used by the military to reproduce the situation of a real battlefield. This is necessary in order to be able to train new recruits effectively, inexpensively and safely. Some experts believe that this innovation costs about 90% cheaper than any of the current training systems. And this method is much safer than practicing technology because accidents are completely excluded.

The bomb disposal simulator is one of the scenarios that is included in the military curriculum. Students develop the necessary skills on a very complex manipulator. By interacting with it, they learn to effectively fulfill their responsibilities.

The military can also use virtual reality to train medical professionals, fighter pilots, and drones operators. Another super opportunity is the creation of a virtual map, which is placed on a regular table, for training officers on the topic of different tactical assignment.

Learning to walk after an illness

Sometimes people undergo serious operations in order to remove a tumor. After that, some of them may experience a stroke. A certain side of the body becomes paralyzed; the patients are confined to a wheelchair. In addition to traditional physiotherapy sessions, such people can attend a special treatment session using virtual reality. In result, they may walk again without help. The functionality of the hands also recovered.

Journey to the past

It will be very thrilling to experience something like time machine. F. e. the University of Birmingham employees are developing a project named “Heritage”.  Thanks to it visitors can see life the way it was many years ago.

Professors and academicians believe that this virtual program, namely a video journey into the past, is one of the most unexplored areas in terms of VR development. Scientists can use this work as a basis for our further historical research, involving schoolchildren and wide audience.

Annual reports of various analytical organizations show that the pace of the VR market development exceeds all expectations. Currently, it is estimated at almost $ 2 billion. According to some professional opinions, by 2020 it will grow almost 20 times and pass the $ 37 billion mark.

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