It has been a bit more than three years since BaDoink, the leader in the VR porn industry, produced its first scene in the virtual reality format. Along the way, the industry has been growing and evolving, and it continues developing in rapid leaps.

In the field of virtual reality, pornography is following gaming in the annual turnover.

Several years ago the virtual porn industry faced some challenges, like:

    • The VR headsets were quite expensive and were predominantly bought by gamers;
    • The quality of the image of headsets was poor, thus, the expectations were higher than the experience itself;
  • The view was limited by 180 degrees.

Due to the development of VR technology, these obstacles have been overcome:

    • The headsets are now available from a number of brands, the picture quality is now at a high level;
    • The price of a headset is affordable;
  • The 360 degrees view is available removing the visual restriction.

Nowadays, VR porn is popular among the people between 25 to 34 years old. The most active consumers of this industry are from China, Great Britain, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

According to the British polls, men watch the VR porn more often than then women by 160%. However, almost 20% of women have at least once experienced watching the VR pornography; 40% think that the VR adult movies may upgrade their sexual relations with partners.

In March 2016, PornHub, the globally famous website of pornography, has launched the section devoted to the virtual reality content. The first movie had 200k views right after release. An advertising campaign included a free of charge distribution of 100k samples of Google CardBoards.

What is this VR Experience?

Just imagine: You knock on the door. A beautiful girl opens it saying that her tap needs to be repaired. Though, letting you in, she invites you to the living room. The next moment, you are comfortably lying on the bed, while the sexy girl starts to undress and makes the moves which arouse you…

What do you think of this? Is it a dream or a fantasy of a regular man? No, this is the virtual reality you can experience. There is a broad range of content which is at your disposal: common scenes alike to the conventional porn, Halloween or futuristic scenery, threesomes, anything you may wish for. Mostly, these movies are watched by heterosexual men, that is why in most scenes, there is a male protagonist. However, a woman can also find clips for herself. Girls are also the target audience in the VR porn.

Each day the VR porn movies have 500k views. And this number continues to grow. The viewers of the VR adult films watch 2 clips more in comparison to those who prefer traditional porn. Besides, the VR porn movies are compatible with Android and IOS platforms, thus, they can be watched on cell phones and tablets.

It is expected that the sales of the VR headsets will reach 30 million USD by the year 2020. The more potential viewers, the more popular the VR porn industry will become. This business is estimated to reach a billion dollars turnover by 2025.

The industry is developing and evolving every day. It is hard to imagine what the VR porn will offer us in 5 or 10 years. Though, there is no need to wait for that long to experience an excitement which is nowadays proposed to the audience.

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